Getting your Order Ready

FIRST Make sure all Sellers/Parents understand the 3 Easy Steps to submit their Seller’s order.

Step #1 Each Seller/Parent needs to add up the total quantity of each item ordered on the Order Form.

Step #2 Transfer the total quantity of each item ordered onto the Summary Sheet.

Step #3 Enclose TOTAL AMOUNT DUE and Summary Sheet in the envelope and send in to Sponsor
by the sale “Cut-Off” date

That’s it for the Sellers/Parents! You will notify the Sellers/Parents once you have
the confirmed delivery date after you place your group’s Total Order.


To Enter your Orders and view orders placed online …CLICK HERE (you will receive an email with your login information)


EASY no calculator needed to tally, follow these simple steps:
2. Create a new classroom – At the Top of the page under “Room” There is a drop down menu. Click “New Classroom” Fill in Room and Leader Section. (it can be generic i.e Room: 1 Leader: Seniors)
3. Enter a student name – hit TAB key
4. Enter amount collected – hit TAB key
5. Enter quantities (DO NOT include any online purchases)- TAB to go to next line
6. When done click ‘Save Student’
7. Enter remaining orders (repeat steps 2-5)
8. Click on Summary Report at the bottom to see what you have entered. (Each tab at the top of the page represents a ROOM)
9. After entering all student orders: To submit your order click big button at bottom of form “CLOSE ORDERS AND SEND TO SMART FUNDRAISING”
10. If you have any additional orders after your tally has been submitted, please scan and email them to

If you do not have internet access Scan and email the order envelopes to or fax to 410-298-2502. When faxing please number all pages and include a cover sheet with the # of pages.

Once orders are submitted, we will email you an invoice about 1 week prior to delivery. If you do not have a scheduled delivery date, we will contact you to coordinate.