Support your Kids with Joe Corbi’s Booster Club Fundraising Program

Booster clubs are made up of parents who want to support their kids in school clubs, sports teams and other school organizations. One of the responsibilities of the booster club is to raise funds through a profitable fundraiser. Choosing a trusted, proven fundraising company can make this seemingly tall task a stress-free and enjoyable one.

Joe Corbi’s materials, products and service set them apart. By having a Joe Corbi’s booster club fundraiser, your children will be able to have the funding for new uniforms, equipment, supplies, training, special events and educational trips they need and deserve.

Why Joe Corbi’s is your booster club’s answer:

1. Consumers Choose Food First…

When making fundraising purchases consumers are choosing food first.  Joe Corbi’s is a leader in food fundraising.  Our programs feature high quality pizza kits, cookie dough, calzones and more….All from an industry leader.

2. Excellent Profits

Earn high profits per item sold selling our products. Joe Corbi’s has helped community organizations raise over $150 million dollars. We have a proven track record of excellent profits for all types of organizations. NO customer is too small; we help all organizations reach their goals.

3. Brochures that Make Selling Easy

We supply beautiful product brochures for each seller at no cost to you.  The brochures are designed to make selling easy with appealing product pictures and descriptions.

4. The Joe Corbi’s Delivery…

Joe Corbi’s owns and operates our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. We work with our customers so they can choose a convenient delivery date and time.

With tasty, high-quality products that people want to buy, Joe Corbi’s has helped raise over $150 million for many beloved community organizations since 1983.

Contact Joe Corbi’s to learn more about our six different programs and how we can make a difference for your organization.