To make every fundraiser successful, the salespeople need to have direction. Let them know what’s going on with daily fundraising announcements, goals, and updates on the fundraiser’s progress! Encourage them to SELL! SELL! SELL! We have a template for an effective set of daily updates the group sponsor can send out during your sale to help increase sales and make the group more money!

Day 1 – Today we have kicked off our Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser. We need everyone to participate. We are raising money for ($goal). If each of you could see just (number) items we would reach our goal. Thank you for your help!

Day 2 – Yesterday each of you took home your Joe Corbi’s Fundraising packets. Remember to share it with family, friends, and co-workers. Inside are delicious pizza kits, scrumptious cookie dough and fantastic snacks you can sell to raise money for our group. Remember each item you sell raises money for ($goal).

Day 3 – Take a look inside your Joe Corbi brochure and see the delicious variety of Mrs. Fields frozen cookie dough. Each box contains 32 cookie dough pucks great for a party or after school snack. If each person could sell just (number) items from the brochure we would reach our goal!

Day 4 – Joe Corbi pizza kits are the greatest way to brighten up any dinner. Fun for the whole family to make together! Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they would like to purchase a kit to help support your group.

Day 5 – Joe Corbi’s pies and cheesecakes make any fall event more special. Selling items from the Joe Corbi’s brochure raise funds so we can ($goal).

Day 6 – Remind your families that your Joe Corbi fundraiser ends in 4 days. Make sure you remind your family and friends to place their order with you today and turn in your order envelope by (day of the week).

Day 7 – 3 days until the end of our Joe Corbi’s pizza and cookie fundraiser. Remind your parents and family that you need to turn in your order envelope in 3 days. You don’t want to miss out on helping our group raise money for ($goal).

Day 8 – We still need everyone to return your Joe Corbi order envelopes. Remember if each of you sell just (number) items you will help of reach our goal of ($goal). Bring in your order envelope tomorrow to help us!

Day 9 – Tomorrow is the last day you can bring in your order envelope for your Joe Corbi fundraiser. Remind your families that tomorrow is the last chance to help support us. Bring in your order form tomorrow. Remember that if each person orders just (number) items we can reach our goal.

Day 10 – Thank you so much for helping us with this Joe Corbi’s fundraiser. Working together we raised money for ($goal). We will update you when delivery is closer of the date and time. Thanks again for working together to fundraise for our group.