Joe Corbi’s Pretzels

Joe Corbi’s has an array of scrumptious pretzels.

The selection of pretzels adds to the profitability of a group’s fundraiser and gives consumers a more diverse variety of options in addition to our popular pizza and cookie dough products.

Here’s a little more about our pretzels offerings:

Find Pretzel Products in These Programs:

Organizations can choose from the Family Favorites Fundraising Program or the Joe Corbi’s Pizza Kit Fundraising Program if they would like to make the specialty products available for sale.

Family FavoritesFamily Favorites Fundraising Programs
The Joe Corbi’s Family Favorites program is our most popular program and offers the best of all worlds!  This is our version of a shopper catalog that offers specialty products such as calzones, stuffed pretzels, cinnamon rolls along with pizza kits and pail cookie dough. 


Pizza Kit ProgramJoe Corbi’s Pizza Kit Fundraising Programs
This program is for organizations who want to focus on selling calzones and stuffed pretzels as well as pizza kits. Joe Corbi’s products are loved by consumers and will make any fundraising event easy, fun and profitable!