Joe Corbi's Testimonials


HELLO i think the JOE CORBI'S business should sell pizza to the public too besides doing sells because i did a sell once for cheerleading and now that its over everyone wants more! SO thats my testimonial! PLEASE RESPOND!

Shay Clark


I love Joe Corbi's pizza and I think it should be made available to the public without having to have a fundraiser!

Anne Millbruch

Pottstown, Pa.

Your whole wheat crust pizza kits with the seasoned cheese packets are so delicious. I've tried the harvest wheat by a brand in the grocery store, and they aren't even close. The ones sold in kits for fund raisers by another pizza company don't taste nearly as good either. In fact, we didn't really like the taste of their wheat crust at all. Yours are the best. My husband and I don't eat regular white flour crust anymore, and your whole wheat crust has really hit the spot. So good! Thank you.

Mary Beth

North Augusta, SC

the frist time brought corbi's pizza, it was a delight. I work in springfield and live in philadelphia so i can only get it through work, but my daught can not get it to sell. i love it no matter how much it is i always get the 2 kits ofcheese bread 2 kits of plain pizza and tube of suger cookies dough. I only wish you had some philadelphia schools that sell it.

Lindyann Thomas

Philadelphia, PA

WOW!!!! I truly enjoyed my purchase. The Philly Cheese & Steak Calzone are delicious. My family loves it. The cheese bread is good too, but the Philly Cheese & Steak Calzone is a must have. I truly look forward to purchasing more for my family, and I have told others (in different states also) to go on-line and place an order for it. You will not be disappointed. Thanks!!!...:)

G Johnson

Sheldon, SC

Last year while living in Montgomery, AL, my son's elementary school sold the pizza kits from Joe Corbi's. These were the best pizzas that we have ever tasted, also the Chee-Zee bread is also very good. Now that we live 2 hours away I am always trying to find a school that may be selling these pizzas. I am so excited that you can now order online, and so I can't wait to do just that. I highly recommend these pizzas. They are AWESOME!

Susan Powers

Moody, AL

does anyone know how long a delievery takes? we are doing this for a school fundraiser and people are asking when pick up will be. orders are due october 20 (friday) and we are placing the orders that day. when will pick up be? but.. this is a great program and helps alot. i love it!

Nicole M.

Every year we look forward to the Corbi's fundraiser. Our entire family enjoys the White Pizza. Fabulous and much better than take out! Great job!

S. Miller

Philadelphia, PA

i have never heard of a school selling pizza mix as a fundraiser until my six year old niece asked me to support their recent fundraising program. i purchased the philly cheese steak calzone and the pretzels and they are WONDERFUL. i only wish i had know about joe corbi's last year when i was pta president. i am on-line now trying to order more. these products should be sold in stores. i am hooked!!!!

Sandra Kelley

Montgomery, AL

I must say, the first time I tasted your products I almost fell off my chair. I am crazy about your chee-zee bread. Your pizza should be made available to the public. If it was sold here in New York I am sure your store will be packed. Forget those other frozen pizza's in the grocery stores, yours the best. Thanks. Denise Jones (Bronx, NY)

Denise Jones

Bronx, NY

I bought several Joe Corbi products from my sister to help with her fundraising efforts. I didn't know anything about the company beforehand. I purchased pizzas, jalapeno pretzels and 3 varieties of cookie dough. The pizza was the best I'd ever had. The pretzels were delicious and although I haven't baked any cookies yet (I'm saving them for the holidays), I'm confident that they too will be scrumptous! My only regret is that I hadn't purchase more, especially more pizzas. I wish they were available through a retail store. They are better than any delivery chain or restaurant. I hope someone I know has a Joe Corbi Fundraiser in the near future!

Vanessa Ruiz

Silver Spring, MD

This is the absolute best pizza. When we lived in Maryland we used to get it from fundraisers. After we moved to Florida, we couldnt get it anymore. Now finally after 4 years my sons school did the fundraiser, Now I am happy to see you can order online.

Carrie Shockley

Palm Harbor, FL

I was at a friend's home as he came home with four of your pizza he bought from a co-worker as a fund raiser for school. I never heard of your company before today, and was eager to try the food. Well, needless to say, my friend brought home four pizzas, as mentioned earlier, bur between the two of us we made, ate and enjoyed three of them. Now what are we going to tell the rest of the family? It was so good, we made one after the other, until there was no more. I'll have to speak to my friend's co-worker myself to see if I can get more, and spread the word. Thanks for a great pizza and yes, I agree, these would be great available to the general public in the supermarket. What a gold mine... Thanks again...( got to get back to my last piece before it gets cold.. Guy F. Taylor

Guy Taylor

Lebanon, PA

I first got a taste of your pizza a few years ago as my neice was selling them for her fundraiser through school. I was delighted when I found out last year that my daughter's school would also be using Joe Corbi as a fundraiser. I work at a prison and was kind of nervous to try and sell the pizza's last year. Well, I was a success and when the school year rolled around this time, my fellow officers were asking me about the pizza's. It was another great hit, and for the second year in a row, my child was a top seller at her school. This was my firt time ordering the calzones and i am kicking myself for only purchasing one box. We received the pizza's on monday, and it's wednesday...needless to say, i only have 2 calzones left. You really need to start putting these in the supermarkets... the heck with the others!

R. Young

Irvington, NJ


Bill Verno


The Joe Corbi Fundraiser for the Beachwood Hurricanes and the Beachwood Pirates was flawless. I found the telephone representatives to be friendly and helpful. Our delivery was prompt and the driver was also friendly and helpful. Additionally, your product tastes great! I would recommend your company to others trying to raise money for their organizations. Thank you. Annie

Annie Conover

I did a fundraiser for our football team and everyone loved your porduct. I am going to do it again in april because we all loved it so much. Thank You. Jennifer Dayton Ohio

Jennifer Cumbridge

Dayton, ohio

I Love to eat Joe Corbi's pizzas. They are so good!!! You would never be disappointed

Anna Butler

Baltimore, Maryland

Joe Corbi is so great I love it I love when me and my squad start fundraising Wow

Joaquinna Howell

Washington, D.C

I ran a Joe Corbi's fundraiser for my nursing school at a local college and I was really nervous about doing it as it was the first fundraiser I was ever in charge of. I must say that I had an excellent experience with Joe Corbi's. The company makes the entire process so easy. I never expected the sale to go perfectly but it did. From the inital order to the delivery, every thing ran so smooth. I am extremely please with the company and the products that I ordered. I will always support Joe Corbi's and suggest it to anyone I know who needs a fundraiser ideas. The products pretty much sell themselves. Definitely do the Family Favorites to give people the option of all the great products!! Julia

Julia Sussan